Sockeye City Grill (Take out window)

This city never ceases to impress me with new spots and charming neighbourhoods to discover!  I was particularly thrilled when Chris took me to Steveston during the summer, though our first visit was smack dab in the middle of the crazy salmon festival with the record-breaking sockeye numbers making front-page news.  Let’s just say, it wasn’t your typical day in the cute little fishing village on the edge of Richmond!

View from the Boardwalk in Steveston

We returned last week and got to explore the place with much calmer and quieter surroundings.  Without the crowds, we had an easy time finding a place to eat.  Our choice for lunch: Sockeye City‘s take out window.

Take out window @ Sockeye City Grill

We were pretty hungry, so we both ordered a larger meal – the 2 pieces Salmon & Chips had been fantastic on our previous visit to Steveson, so we ordered it again!

2-piece salmon & chips ($13.50)

While the price tag is a little expensive for take out food, this was a very big plate of food!  I also find that the quality of the fish and chips was quite good:  orders did take a little while to prepare, which means that they are probably cutting and frying orders on demand.  The batter on the salmon is crispy and nicely seasoned.  The salmon itself wasn’t seasoned, but it was perfectly cooked, still kind of juicy and flakey too.

Extreme Closeup!

I have to reiterate that these were really big pieces of fish too!  I ended up sharing most of my fries with Chris – they were super good though, with a bit of potato skin on each fry, these were crispy on the outside and fluffy on the inside – delish!  Tartar sauce isn’t really my thing, but it wasn’t bad here (it had a bit more “zing” than the pre-packaged Kraft stuff, but I would be surprised if it were made from scratch).  The only downside is that our dishes got cold quite quickly, but that’s the danger of eating outside 🙂

Cash only – though the savings compared to the same meal inside the restaurant (and getting to enjoy the gorgeous view al fresco) is worth it!

Sockeye City Grill on Urbanspoon

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