Han Gu Restaurant

Update – Restaurant seems closed 😦 (January 2011)

Kingsway has become our go-to place for late evening meals when we’re pretty hungry and need a fast dinner.  On our previous visits to Gold Train and Honolulu Cafe, we spotted a Korean restaurant on the north side of the road that looked really interesting – so on our most recent visit to Kingsway, we decided to give Han Gu Restaurant a try.


On Kingsway near Joyce

The sandwich board in front of the restaurant depicted lots of interesting dishes, one of which was BBQ Pork on Rice, a house specialty.  It looked pretty great, so that’s what I ordered!


BBQ Pork on Rice (w. soup) ($6.95)

This looks like a giant meal, and while it was filling, it wasn’t as large as it looks because the bowl/dish in which this was served had a very high bottom.  The BBQ pork was very similar to gyudon or teriyaki-seasoned meat, and had a shredded/stir-fry quality (not like char siu or other Chinese BBQ pork).  It was very moist and very flavourful, but mostly tasted of the seasoning sauce.  The cabbage and greens added some much-appreciated roughage to this dish, and I love tofu in pretty much any form, so the spicy soft tofu cubes were a welcome addition too.  The fried egg was too cooked for my liking – had it been less well-done, the yolk would have helped bind everything even better together.  The rice below all of this was good (I can’t understand when Asian restaurants make bad rice!).  The soup was just some kind of dashi/bonito mix with a bit of seaweed in it – it was kind of lukewarm and weak, so nothing special there.


Pork & Cabbage Dumplings ($4.50 for 10)

I wanted to try their dumplings too, so we ordered their Pork & Cabbage Dumplings (the boiled version – they also had a fried version).  These were excellent (and a great value too)!  Clearly made by hand, they were very juicy and had a great chewy/tender texture.  The spicy soy-based dipping sauce was fantastic – I totally double-dipped! 🙂


Shacha Sauce Lamb Pot ($6.95)

Here was Chris’ meal!  He chose the Shacha Sauce Lamb Pot (where, apparently “shacha” means “ground” which makes sense as the lamb was ground).  This was much more like a soup, served with rice, that contained glass noodles (likely mung bean noodles), some tofu, and ground lamb in a fragrant broth that we just couldn’t pin down.  He liked it very much and enjoyed the unique metal bowl.

The one waitress did a very good job of handling all the tables in this little restaurant.  She checked on our tea several times and was very friendly with all the customers.

Cash only.  Also, the inside of this place is in no way as slick as their website… it’s very orange in there, which helps account for some of the weird tint in my pictures!

Han Gu on Urbanspoon

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