Kishu River Japanese Restaurant

Dinner on Kingsway – again!   We weren’t sure where we were going when we hopped into the car, and instead of going to our standbys, the late-night specials advertised in the window at Kishu River were too good to pass up!

On Kingsway near Joyce

While the place was rather quiet when we first arrived, but it filled up to capacity by the end of our meal.  We were seated in a cute little booth, in clear view of a TV showing hockey and surrounded by pictures of sushi and special dishes.  I know it may be tacky, but I love seeing these pictures!  It helps me choose, which is important when the regular menu had over 120 different items to pick from!

Inside Kishu - it became very busy very quickly

Chris & I both chose from their “Happy Hour After 8:00 PM” menu where everything was 40% off the regular price.  Our go-to meal is tempura udon (ideally with the tempura on the side).  Not wanting to break tradition, I chose this again, and was quite happy with the dark broth and chewy noodles of the udon, and the decent portion of tempura (including 2 prawn, and 3 or 4 other veggie pieces).  While some places reduce the size of your soup dish during “happy hour” Kishu’s serving size was very large, probably the same as what they normally serve – the price ($4.50) was pretty fantastic!

Tempura Udon (happy hour price: $4.50)

Chris chose something a little different – he went with the Tempura Soba.  The soba broth was much stronger than the udon broth, and the noodles were cooked pretty well.

Tempura Soba ($4.50)

Since this was dinner, we also ordered some rolls to share: an Unagi Roll and Crunchy Roll (salmon tempura inside a roll with a bit of mayo, topped with more tempura bits)

Unagi Roll ($3.50) & Crunchy Roll ($3.95)

These rolls were not on special, so for the price, they were a little underwhelming.  I didn’t care for the salmon tempura one at all – it was too dense and heavy to work as a maki.  The unagi and avocado were well combined in the Unagi Roll,, and generally, both were good, and quite filling, given the amount of rice included.  I suppose the only other down-side was that the nori had become a little chewy, but that may again be because of the rice.

California Cone ($2.25) and BC Cone ($2)

Chris was still hungry after this – he had skipped lunch (I don’t know how he can do that! I’d pass out!) so he ordered a few cones.  Several of their cones were on special, which made this add-on very reasonable.  The California Cone looked very well executed, with the big piece of avocado and generous serving of “crab”.  The BC Cone was also well-stuffed and sauced.  On both these servings, Chris noted that the nori was much better – so clearly it was the overabundance of rice that was to blame on the regular maki.

All in – this dinner cost us just around $26.  Pretty great given how much food we got!  The service was good and fast.

Kishu River Japanese Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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2 Responses to Kishu River Japanese Restaurant

  1. Kimmy says:


    Terrible food, the fish in the sushi tasted old; I thought they slaughtered some goldfish and used it!

    The teriyaki beef was half bean sprouts and the beef looked… used.

    The salmon sashimi was slathered in “spicy” sauce in order to distract from the fact that the fish tasted, maybe, 2 wks. old. Honestly, it had no taste. No fish taste. No meat taste. Just pure fibre taste.

    The worst Japanese food ever. Plus, they trick you with the 40% off, because they never tell you how much it actually is. In fact, the California roll is 40% off, and it’s still $2.75 ($4.50 for a Cali roll in Vancouver?) I call BS, sir. Go to Happy Sushi on Victoria Drive and 40 Avenue.

  2. gross says:

    This place is gross unless you like cold soggy leftover sushi

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