The Templeton

Last weekend, when it was gloriously sunny out and just starting to feel like Fall, Chris & I enjoyed an outing in downtown (we had just heard about this cookbook store; Barbara-Jo’s Books for Cooks and wanted to see it).  On our way, we decided we should get some brunch downtown.  I had previously seen The Templeton on my wanderings around Grandville, so I was happy to get to try this place with Chris!


On Granville just north of the bridge


The place was packed when we arrived – the small restaurant was packed with not a booth or a stool at the diner bar to spare!  We made small talk with one of the servers and enjoyed the old school Bugs Bunny cartoons they projected onto the wall during our wait.

Soon enough, we got a booth, and settled in, with coffees ($2), to review the menu (oh, and the jukebox entries too – though sadly, not functional 🙂 )


Crazy Wonder Woman postcards that decorated our table


We both ordered the Trucker’s Breakfast which, at $8, came with 3 eggs, bacon or turkey sausage, toast and “rosemary potatoes”


Trucker's Breakfast ($8)


The eggs were clearly free range given their dark yolks (though not supernaturally orange like the creepy Omega-added eggs… so weird!).  The toast options were either sourdough or multigrain, which was a nice touch (we chose sourdough, and were happy with our pick).  Everything was quite good, though I think we were both a bit disappointed that the turkey sausage was only 1 piece split in half… Had there been a second piece, that would have been just perfect, but I can understand why the serving is smaller (their menu boasts that they hand make their sausage – which I know is a lot of work).

In the end, I think The Templeton lived up to my expectations.  I wish I had known that they had so many homemade deserts too – their pies and bananas foster sounded amazing!  I think we’ll come back soon and try some lunch fare (and keep room for desert!)

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