Tim Hortons’ new Breakfast Wraps & Oatmeal

Those folks at Tim Hortons’ HQ must be working overtime!  In just a few weeks, they’ve launched not one, but two new breakfast items:  Breakfast Wraps and Oatmeal (I guess, being around all that coffee, they can’t help but be productive!)

True to my other Tim Hortons’ posts (herehere, and here), I felt it was important to review these for you!  First up – the Breakfast Wraps!

New Breakfast Wraps!

The wraps are made on the same tortilla as their Chicken Wrap Snackers, and are boasted to have been made with scrambled eggs and real cheddar cheese.  You can have these with either bacon or sausage for $2 (or in a combo, of course).  I tried both:

Bacon Breakfast Wrap

Ugly Sausage Breakfast Wrap


The Bacon Breakfast Wrap was definitely the better of the two.  Sure, you’re never going to open up the wrap to check it out, but look how uhg-ly the Sausage Breakfast Wrap is.  Ew.  The bacon provided a good textural contrast to the soft tortilla, eggs and cheese.  The sausage, while flavourful, didn’t work well in this format.  One thing that was not announced in the commercial is the slightly spicy mayo-based sauce that is automatically included in both wraps.  I found this sauce to be too sticky/glommy for the wrap.  There is the option to pick up a packet of salsa (in one of those ketchup-like individual serving packets), but I don’t think this would be good with the wraps either.


Final verdict on the Breakfast Wraps – meh.  Not great, not terrible, but in no way are these replacements for their solid breakfast sandwiches.

Next up – Oatmeal!

Oatmeal! (with Mixed Berries)

I’m a pretty big fan of oatmeal, and despite the fact that it comes in super-handy, “just add water” packages, I never make this stuff at home or at the office.  I’ve tried Starbucks’ version, which was pretty bad (and very expensive, and really tiny!) – so I was happy to see that this large soup-sized container was $2 and came in two options: Maple or Mixed Berries.

Maybe slightly gluey? Not bad though!

I chose the Mixed Berries one, and it was the same berry stuff as they use for their Yogurt & Berries.  It took a little while for it to be served because they were preparing (thawing?) more of the berries.  Despite this wait, the oatmeal was piping hot, and pretty good.  The oatmeal was decent in that it wasn’t grainy and powdery instant stuff (sure, it may have been at one point, but they were ladling it out of a soup chaffing dish, so it was right away better than the crap at Starbucks).  They sprinkled a good dose of brown sugar-like powder in this before adding the berries (and a good amount of berries, I should add) so my only note is that you should definitely mix this before eating or else you’ll hit crazy-sweet patches of oatmeal.

Final verdict on the oatmeal – Good stuff.  I’d definitely order this again!

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