Kokyo Japanese Restaurant

A couple weeks ago, we were running errands near Coquitlam – having skipped breakfast, we were starving around 2 PM, luckily we were coming upon N Road &  Lougheed where lots of Korean and Japanese restaurants can be found.

Chris chose where we were going – Kokyo Japanese Restaurant seemed to have caught his eye from the road.  We had to make a couple of crazy turns to get into the plaza and then finding a parking spot was kind of challenging!

Near Lougheed and N Road

Kokyo is very modestly decorated inside, with wood banquets, a few private rooms.  Pictures of their special rolls and other sushi are pasted to the wall (which I know isn’t pretty, but I like it! 🙂 )

Miso soup ($1.50) & Veggie Udon (tempura below; ~$10 set meal)

As I mentioned, we were starving, so we ordered a ton of food:  Chris got a Tempura Veggie Udon combo, while I had Miso – both were served very hot.  The miso was quite plain – a few flecks of green onion and some wakame were present, but it was still okay.  Chris enjoyed his udon, though I didn’t get to try it.

Spicy Tuna ($2.95) & Manhattan Roll ($3.55)

I picked a Spicy Tuna roll which was very prettily presented, but didn’t taste right – the texture of the tuna didn’t resemble what I normally expect.  The Manhattan Roll was a winner texture-wise in comparison; with krab, spinach gomea, some inari wrappers, and a bit of tomago egg slices, it was a little sweet and very moist – totally inauthentic, but I didn’t care! 🙂

Veggie tempura & Cali Roll; BC Roll (foreground; $3.55)

Chris’s set meal also came with a small California Roll and we split an extra batch of these futomaki-sized BC Roll.  The rice in these inside-out rolls was a bit dense, which was more prominent because of their composition (compared to the Manhattan roll above).  Krab is fine with us, as long as it’s not masquerading as the real stuff.  I don’t personally care for the BC Roll as the salmon skin is not a favourite flavour or texture, but this version was better than others I’ve had.

Dragon roll ($4.95)

Our final dish which we split was the Dragon Roll.  This was lacking a crispy/grilled texture and hot temperature contrast, as the unagi (eel) was pretty flaccid and lukewarm.  The avocado was perfectly ripe, which is great, but with the dense rice and the un-grilled eel, this was kind of a dud.

I am not sure if we just chose poorly, or if this is the best that Kokyo has to offer – the prices were definitely great, but I’d happily pay more to improve on the overall experience.

Kokyo Japanese on Urbanspoon

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