Victoria Restaurant

One of our favourite places to get a quick and cheap breakfast is Victoria Restaurant on Victoria Drive near 49th Avenue.  Often hidden by buses stoping for a time check, this tiny old school diner is a diamond in the rough.

At Victoria & 49th Ave

Inside, you’ll find a restaurant that certainly hasn’t changed in at least 30 years.  A long counter and several banquets have sure seen better days, but there an honest charm about the place.

Note: closes early (4 PM!)

It’s also clearly a big part of the community – we’ve frequently seen employees from the neighbouring businesses grab lunch to go, or old timers getting their morning cup of coffee and chat with one another.

Very old school!

The sole waitress greeted us immediately when we arrived; we got set up with good cups of coffee and briefly perused the menus.  Ordering was pretty much a no-brainer for both of us; we’ve got our favourites at Victoria Restaurant!

Corned Beef Hash ($6.95)

Chris ascertains that Victoria Restaurant makes the best Corned Beef Hash and poached eggs in all of Vancouver.  It’s a big portion for just under $7, the corned beef is well seasoned, and perfectly balanced with super crispy shredded potatoes.  The poached eggs are extremely well done, with custardy yolks and nice set whites.

Ham & Cheese Omelette ($7.25)

My mainstay at Victoria Restaurant is the Ham & Cheese Omelette.  While there’s nothing fancy about the cheddar cheese, they shred up the ham, then grill it, before adding it into the thin, folded omelette.  The result is super delicious and full of great textures.  Add on those super crispy grated potatoes, and some toast – now that’s a great breakfast!

Cash only, open until 4 pm, nothing fancy, but man, is it good!

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3 Responses to Victoria Restaurant

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  3. bosspat says:

    i miss this place! me and my friend used to come here after school for their breakfast menu! glad to see the mom and pop couple are doing very well. a lot of good memories here. but it was so hard to order with a straight face because the female waitress’ accent sounded so funny. how bad of me.

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