Red Deer: Redstone Grill & Wine Bar

I was thrilled to be treated to dinner by my good friend “Dr. X” while in Red Deer.  I knew it was going to be a nice meal, but I was in for a very pleasant surprise at Redstone Grill & Wine Bar:

Located near 50th Ave and 45th Street

The inside of the restaurant was quite posh, with cultured stone walls, leather chairs, and fancy white tablecloths.  The hostesses led us to a table after offering to take our jackets to a cloakroom.  We were left to look over the menus.

Amuse Bouche: Spicy cranberry & apple chutney crostini

After ordering, and getting excellent red wine (I can’t recall what we had, but it had lovely body and a smooth aroma), we were offered this cute amuse bouche; a cranberry and apple chutney, which was surprisingly spicy as well as sweet, on crostini.

Chicken & Pea Fettuccini ($24.95)

Dr. X ordered the Chicken & Pea Fettuccini; which was very intriguing with leeks, sundried tomatoes, and cillantro mixed with an orange-scented cream sauce.  I got to try a bit of this, and was impressed with the nice texture of the pasta and the unique flavour combination.

Pork Loin ($24.95)

The menu spanned an interesting range of steakhouse like offerings to Italian and Asian inspired options, but my eyes zeroed in on the Pork Loin when I read that it was filled with pears and brie cheese, a warm raspberry vinaigrette, and I requested a substitution of herb roasted potatoes (instead of the risotto it is normally served with, since Dr. X home-cooked risotto for us the previous night). The large boneless porkchop was incredibly tender and juicy, perfectly cooked and delicious.  The potatoes and veggies that accompanied this dish were also perfectly cooked – not mushy at all, and well “turned” showing someone in the kitchen had some good knife skills.  I was thrilled with my choice.

Service throughout the night was friendly, attentive, and quick.  I would certainly return (their appetizers list sounded incredibly delicious!) – thank you Dr. X for the great meal out!

Redstone Grill & Wine bar on Urbanspoon

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