Olds: Black Forest Bakery

Another geography lesson!  Now that you know where Red Deer is, Olds is a small, farming community half-way between Red Deer and Calgary – it’s a charming place with an agricultural college, and until now, not much to excite the town food-wise (the students I knew there were very excited about the Boston Pizza).  I’d suggest skip the Boston Pizza and get yourself over to the Black Forest Bakery!

On 50th Street (just past the train tracks!)

This charming bakery, specialty grocer, and family restaurant is run by “the German Baker” whose bacon bread is famous at the surrounding farmers markets in central Alberta.  It’s very bright and country-charming inside, with lots of great things to eat!

Bakery counter!

I picked up some local spicy bison salami and unpasturized honey from their shop, while Dr. X got lots of baked goods, including hand pies and a big huge focaccia!

Dr. X with excellent treats!

It was lunchtime, so we opted for their buffet – at $12, you had an small but tasty assortment of salads, soups, hot dishes, and even desert.  Everything was made from scratch and with a definite German/Eastern European slant.

Amazing lunch!

I enjoyed their cream of vegetable soup (not pictured), and this amazing spread (clockwise from the top) of green leaf lettuce salad with a garlic dressing, purple & yukon gold potato hash, fresh garden peas and carrots, veal schnitzel, the best damn meatloaf I’ve ever eaten, and some quinoa salad.  The meatloaf was incredible – super tender but still meaty, with an onion-based gravy that was to die for.  Had I not signed up to have a big meal of steak later that night at the wedding, I would have had another huge serving of this!

Desert during lunch - you know I'm on vacation!!

For desert, there was hot apple bread pudding with a vanilla sauce that was comforting, some small tarts (which I passed on) and fruit (okay, clearly the pineapple and melon aren’t local!) – all pretty good.

Because the place is mostly self-served, I won’t comment too much on service, other than to say everyone was friendly.  The place is new, but I imagine it will always be as spotless as we experienced it.

We were heartened by this meal, and full (though a fruitless chase after a lost dog after lunch did help us feel a bit less guilty about the indulgence).  If you’re looking for a place to stop for lunch, pass the chain restaurants and make a bee line for this family run gem!

Closed Sundays; interact & credit cards accepted.
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  1. darren says:

    worst poppy seed roll ever ,, filler crap was awful .. feel ashamed

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