Ottawa: Broadway

Another one of my favourite things in Ottawa is the “Take 2” breakfast at Broadway Bar and Grill.

Various locations; this one is on Innes Road

Broadway is a local chain, not unlike Gabriel Pizza, which offers great big food all day, from breakfast to lunch to dinner and late night wings & beer.  It was originally themed as a movie or Hollywood restaurant – which is dorky – but the food is good and its a reliable restaurant.

As a self-proclaimed carbaholic, the Take 2 Breakfast is absolutely everything I want in a breakfast – in fact – it’s pretty much anything you could have for breakfast in a single order!

Take 2!

Yes folks, that’s 2 eggs, 2 bacon, 2 sausage, 2 toast, 2 pancakes, home fries and coffee for $9.99!  I hate having to choose between toast & hashbrowns OR pancakes – with the Take 2 you can have it all!

"Take 2" breakfast ($9.99)

Broadway has the best hash browns ever – super crispy potato chunks, onion and tons of garlic – they are incredible and the first thing I’ll finish on this huge plate.

Other stuff is good there too – their nachos and wings are excellent, and they make pretty great fries too; but go for breakfast – you won’t leave hungry!

Broadway Bar & Grill on Urbanspoon

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