Traditional Beijing Cuisine

Chris spotted this restaurant on one of our many drives down Kingsway.  It was very eye-catching from the outside with the super-bright lights they’ve put around their windows and out onto the tree!

On Kingsway just east of Joyce

It’s neat inside, and while it is somewhat sparse inside, there are some interesting pictures of Beijing on some of the walls.

On our first visit, our waitress was fantastic getting us tea and menus right away, telling us about different items on the menu, and doing her best to keep up with the busy restaurant.  On our second visit, there was someone else waitressing, who had some troubles communicating with us.

Menu pt 1

Menu pt 2

The menu isn’t huge though there is a nice variety of “Skewers”, “Cold dishes”, “Main dishes” and “Noodles”.  While we were looking over our options, we received a small bowl of house-made pickles.

House pickles (free!)

These were a great snack; they packed a little heat and were nice and crunchy.

We ordered quite a few dishes, starting with the Cucumber Salad from their cold menu items.

Cucumber Salad ($5.99)

The salad was pretty much just peeled  & seeded cucumber chunks, with a sesame based dressing.  It was refreshing and a tasty simple combination, however the dressing could have been tossed a bit better/more evenly throughout the salad.

Lamb skewers ($1.39 each)

Next up were a pair of lamb skewers.  Similar to the ones at the Richmond Night Market, these were spiced with a cumin, peppercorn and chili mix.  These were delicious.  The lamb was quite fatty, which helped keep the meat very tender – had they been any fattier though, I don’t think I’d have liked them.

Beijing Style Noodles ($9.99)

Chris ordered the Beijing Style Noodles as his main – an earthy broth enveloped a large quantity of hand-stretched noodles, beef, and a variety of mushrooms including black fungus (not the kind that grows in between bathroom tiles – but this delicacy) and some scallions.

Shredded meat (pork) and Chili with Noodles ($8.99)

I ordered the Shredded Meat and Chili with Noodles – it came in two separate bowls – you can really see the hand-stretched noodles here.

Mixed up - good stuff!

This was super delicious – with small pieces of pork, a dark sauce, and sauteed peppers.  I loved this and had cravings for this very dish days after our visit.  Sadly, on our second visit, while I tried to order the same dish, I ended up with a soupy version, which was no where as good.

For just over $30, we left stuffed.  Make sure to bring cash, and double-check your order with the waitress to make sure she understood you properly.

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