Toronto eats: Kensington Market – Pancho’s Bakery

A great neighbourhood in downtown Toronto is Kensington Market.  It has traditionally been an area where new immigrants have put down roots, so it’s gone through many different phases, from Jamaican to Vietnamese, and now it seemed to have a heavy Hispanic contingent.  It was in Kensington that we spotted Pancho’s Bakery.

We were drawn to the bakery by amazing smells of sweet pastry and breads.  It was small inside, but the first thing we saw was the pretty display of baked goods in baskets.

There weren’t really any names for the items, but I didn’t care – we grabbed a (very sombrero-like) basket and tongs, and picked out a few items to enjoy.

Bread pudding (~$2)

First, we chose what I thought was Tres Leches cake, but was actually a bread pudding.  These were surprisingly heavy, but not overly dense texture.  In fact, they were a little chewy!  The egg custard mixture had been well cooked into the bread, and you could definitely notice the cinnamon and sugar in the custard (not nutmeg, as you’d find in other bread puddings).

Our sombrero (bread pudding on left; "strawberry" pastry on right)Our second pastry looked like a sugar-covered turnover, and the person at the cash said that it would have strawberry filling, but alas, it was more of a shortbread cookie texture with no filling at all.  There were some white chocolate-like bits in the base of the cookie, but they weren’t really anything resembling a filling.

Churros! ($1.75)

Our final treat was a fresh, just hand-cranked churro with a bit of carmel sauce dribbled into the hollow tube.  It was light, airy, super sweet, and deliciously still warm.  This had to be the winner of the bunch, and at 3 for $5, I was very tempted to order in larger quantities!

Pancho's Bakery on Urbanspoon

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