Toronto eats: Chinatown – King’s Noodle House

After a few days of turkey and heavy “British style” food, Chris and I made a break for Chinatown where we could get noodles for a bit of a change.

On Spadina near Dundas

One of the really neat things about many of these noodle places in Chinatown is that the BBQ chef and soup chef are working in the front window.  It is quite fun to watch wontons being made or noodles being dropped into the bubbling pot of stock.  We’ve been to King’s Noodle House a few times previously, and were sure to have a good, fast, inexpensive meal there.

Wonton Noodle soup (~$5)

Our Wonton Noodle Soups came pretty quickly – they looked small but were deceptively deep bowls so a good value overall.  The noodles are thin and perfectly elastic, while the wontons are made with coarsely chopped shrimp and pork.

Since it was early afternoon, we also decided to have a few dim sum items.

Pan Fried Daikon cakes (Lo Pak ko) (~$3)

The Pan Fried Daikon Cakes came to our table shortly after the soup did.  These were fresh and hot, but a bit oily and soft on the inside.  Still, a good execution of one of my favourite dim sum dishes.

Braised Pork Ribs (Pai Quat) (~$4)

I was quite disappointed by the Braised Pork Ribs – not only because it took over 30 minutes for them to arrive at our table, but because they were a bit stingy on meat and definitely not seasoned enough.  I guess we’ve had excellent versions of this dish back home now (we’re especially keen on the pieces of squash included in most versions here in Vancouver) that this one seemed lack luster, especially given the wait required.

I know that many people on Urbanspoon Toronto have commented on the dingy decore and lack of service.  I find that King Noodle House is actually quite nice given the relatively recent remodelling (including branded dishware and chopsticks, for heaven’s sakes!).  Service is attentive, though chaotic.  I don’t think we dealt with the same waitress twice over the course of our meal, but our request for more tea and any other interactions were promptly addressed.  The only service note (other than the super slow spareribs) was that we were clearly there between services, so the staff seemed confused about which condiments should be left on the tables or not (e.g. soy, chili, vinegar) so we were missing our own containers for most of the meal.  No worries for us, as we just asked our neighbouring table to share, but I could see why the uninitiated might find this strange.

Cash only – I think!

King's Noodle House on Urbanspoon

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One Response to Toronto eats: Chinatown – King’s Noodle House

  1. munchkie says:

    Cash only- typical. Those wrinkly wontons look delish though!

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