Toronto eats: Flatiron & Firkin

The Firkin chain (including the “fox & firkin” the “fiddle & firkin”, etc.)  has enjoyed much success in the GTA, with one of the most notable pub locations being steps away from the St. Lawrence Market in the historic Flatiron building.

Between Front and Wellington

The Flatiron & Firkin is a reasonable facsimile of a British pub – soccer gear is tacked to the walls (alongside hockey memorabilia), loud euro-trash bands blare from the speakers, but they do know how to poor a pint.

Strongbow (very fizzy!) ($7!?)

I ordered a Strongbow cider, which was served nice and fresh (noticeable by the tons of tiny champagne-like bubbles).  I didn’t realize this pint was $6.74 (plus tax) at the time… Yikes!

Swiss Mushroom Burger ($12.50)

The high prices didn’t end there… Food was also pricey with a burger & fries running at $12.50.  Chris really liked his big Swiss Mushroom Burger, and commented that the bun especially was well toasted.  I thought the idea of getting a few onion rings on top of your fries helped cover two bases while not getting stuck with a big pile of onions to eat on your own.


Halibut & Chips ($13.95)

I broke the bank on the Halibut and Chips, being skillfully upsold by our waiter from the cheaper cod version of fish & chips.  I found the portion size of fish to be very good, holding true at 6 oz, but would have preferred a bit of coleslaw or other greenery to offset some of my fries.

Food was decent, service was cheery and good too, but I am just a little shocked at the price!  I didn’t think our quick pub lunch was going to really be nearly $40 – and while I am greatly appreciative of Chris picking up the cheque, I really don’t think that the food (and even the location) was worth the price paid.

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2 Responses to Toronto eats: Flatiron & Firkin

  1. Ben says:

    Hi Elaine:

    When I initially saw the first picture on this post and the word Flatiron, I thought you were in New York. There is a building in NYC with the same name and it even looked the same (same shape). So I went to Wikipedia and find out about the one in Toronto and guess what I found here

    There were SEVERAL buildings with the same name and the same shape. Well, well. We learn new things everyday.

    Looking forward to more Toronto posts (I had never been there before and hope to someday).


    • Elaine says:

      LOL! I *wish* I had been in New York! 🙂
      It is quite a neat building (despite the overpriced meal!) – we definitely don’t have any architecture of that shape in Vancouver!

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