Waffle House

On our day off before the holidays, Chris & I had lots of errands to run.  We felt like grabbing brunch (on a Wednesday – how fun!) and I suggested the Waffle House which we had passed in the car a few weeks before.

On 6th street in New Westminster

All the pictures of waffles on the outside were a huge draw for me; as was what looked like a busy dining room.  Upon entering, though, it was down right geriatric!  The clientele was 100% seniors, so I wondered how this place was going to measure up…

Boring, but clean and well lit

We were offered seats right by the front window, and given large menus to look over while we enjoyed some coffee.  The coffee ($2.25) was on the weaker side, but still okay.

Waffle, Sausage & Eggs Breakfast ($8.75)

Instead of talking about Chris’ food first, here is what I ordered: the Waffle, Sausage & Eggs breakfast.  Definitely the star of the show was the waffle – perfectly cooked with a crisp outside and fluffy, airy, inside, it was great.  I was disappointed that a restaurant that prides itself on waffles offered syrup (table syrup at that) in the individually packed containers.  The eggs were okay – cooked to my liking, but I forgot to upgrade to free ranged eggs (for $0.50 more) which would have meant that the eggs had actual flavour.  The sausages were far too fatty for me – I left at least one of these untouched.

Waffle House Special ($10.25)

Chris ordered the Waffle House Special breakfast, which, similar to mine came with a waffle, 2 eggs, and sausage.  It also included bacon and hashbrowns too.  He was given a choice of either chunky hashbrowns or the grated kind, which was nice, but overall, I still found the offerings to be mediocre here.

I also feel the need to note that it took *quite* a long time for food to arrive.  I swear it was at least 20 to 30 minutes.  For simple food like bacon & eggs, I can’t see why the wait was so long.

There did seem to be some interesting specials advertised for lunch or dinner, but for a place that touts itself as a breakfast mecca, I’d figure their brunch was as good as you could get, and that alone wasn’t good enough for me to return.

Parking can be tricky as there’s only meters on the block, but I did see some free street parking a block north-east of the restaurant.  Debit & credit accepted.

Waffle House on Urbanspoon

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