Sunday Snack: Liberty Bakery Cinnamon Bun

I enjoyed the first sunny day in over a week back in Vancouver by walking around Main Street, doing some window shopping, and getting some much-needed fresh air. I also wanted a snack, so off I went in search of something yummy!

On Main at 21st Ave

I’d seen Liberty Bakery a few times when in the neighbourhood – it seems cozy, and always busy, so inside I went!

The place is not particularly well designed – you line up on the short flight of stairs, sort of wait in front of the order counter for you food (while others are paying or checking out the pastries), then, if staying in for your meal, head down to the very small dining area.  I could see a “reserved” table that could easily have been repurposed to customers’ advantage, but I was getting my food to go, so I didn’t care too much.

Lovely baked goods!

More baked yummies!

I chose some tea ($1.75) which was served insanely hot, and a cinnamon bun ($2).

Cinnamon Bun ($2)

Not overly bready, this cinnamon bun was delicious!  It was iced with a sane amount of glaze (which, had a nice hint of lemon, by the way), and inside, you could see that there were many, many layers of cinnamon & sugar rolled into this bun.

Nicely made!

For $2, it’s a very good snack!

Side note: I saw that Liberty offers paninis and soups too: the soups looked like a much better value for the price than the sandwiches did.

Liberty Bakery on Urbanspoon

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2 Responses to Sunday Snack: Liberty Bakery Cinnamon Bun

  1. munchkie says:

    I can’t believe I don’t know about this place. I have an obsession about bakeries. I am definitely putting this on my wish list, if only for that cinnamon bun alone!

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