Deacon’s Corner

Chris found a restaurant in the far ends of Gastown a while back that he wanted to bring me out to – I was skeptical when I researched the diner known as Deacon’s Corner – mixed reviews and a kinda sketchy outside made it look like a middle-of-the-road option for brunch; nonetheless, he thought it was good, so off we went!

At the end of Main at Alexander Street

We were lucky not to have to wait for a table, the place was quite busy despite its somewhat remote location in Railtown.  The inside was a bit spartan for a diner, there were some kitchy retro things like a radio that was remade into a speaker and some kind of old-school tables, but nothing like The Templeton.

Chris fought his instincts and did not order the Carolina Pancakes (which featured pulled pork on pancakes – awesome), but instead got one of his favourite breakfast dishes, Corned Beef Hash & Eggs.

Corned Beef Hash & Eggs ($10.50)

While the hash was good, Chris was a bit disappointed with the size of the serving.  Because it’s at least half potatoes, corned beef hash is inexpensive.  Also, the three half-pieces of toast seemed like a bit of a cheap move.  While the hash itself was tasty and well seasoned, the star of his dish was the perfectly poached pair of eggs.

Breakfast Special (~$8.50)

I ordered off the blackboard/special menu – though I get the sense they rotate through a set of specials fairly regularly.  The Breakfast Special included two eggs, hashbrowns, toast, and homemade sausage featuring turkey, sage and apple.  The sausages were excellent – not greasy, and with a nice slightly chunky texture.  I felt my eggs were a bit under-done, but still okay, and while I felt the hashbrowns were good in the corned beef hash, the paprika was a bit strong on the “plain” version served here.  I also only got 3 half pieces of toast – what’s with that?!

In addition to the good food, I found the service was fast and attentive, coffee was nice and strong – so overall I was pleased.  Although Chris found the hash a bit disappointing, I think we’ll be back sometime when we’re famished to try either those Carolina pancakes or the chicken-fried steak!

Deacon's Corner on Urbanspoon

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