There are two things that I consistently count on as comfort food: Beef chow fun, and poutine.  I think these two dishes epitomize my cultural background (half Chinese, half French-Canadian), but it is a weird, if not gut-churning, combination.

Speaking of poutine combinations, I am bizarrely tempted by Brado‘s crazy poutine pizza – whichSherman and Kim have blogged about in the past – but as a solo-mission, it’s a very bad idea! 🙂    Being just slightly less gluttonous, I went in for a single poutine when I was feeling sick recently.

Waiting for food!

I don’t normally comment on other customers in my food reviews, but this group of 4 seemed completely clueless.  Brado offered some friendly advice (“The Chicken Shwarma is very good!”) and the other server checked in several times on these kids, but they seemed completely dumbstruck as to what they should order.  They seriously stood there for at least 5 minutes, looking at the take-out menu they held in their hands and the posted menu.  I don’t think they were high, and with pictures for every dish I can’t imagine language barriers were that much of a problem… ridiculous!

Small Poutine ($4.25)

Here it is!  The small poutine was pretty darn big!  Filling a clam-shell styrofoam container to the brim, I was very happy right off the bat to see a lot of dark gravy (which is apparently a veggie gravy – well done!).  The other indicator that this was going to be a good poutine was the irregularly-shapped cheese curds.  I despise grated cheese, or cheese nubbins cut into curd shapes, on poutine.

The poutine was very good indeed – thinner, very crispy french fries provided a solid base, along with lots of cheese and that dark gravy, and, importantly, there was layering!  Putting a few curds and a daub of sauce in amongst the fries is key!  Also, putting the gravy on top of it all is very important (I don’t understand when gravy is added before the cheese – crazy!).  Thumbs up Brado!  This is one mean poutine that helped kick some of my cold away!
Brado on Urbanspoon

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