Sunday Snack: Himalayan Pink Salt Carmel from Purdy’s

I’ve been obsessing over these Himalayan Pink Salt Carmel chocolates recently – they’re so incredibly good!  I really became a fan of Purdy’s a few months ago when I was doing a plastic-free challenge with a friend at work.  Finding snacks that are not wrapped up in plastic can be difficult (heck, finding anything not wrapped in plastic is hard too!) – my successes included pepperoni sticks from Cioffi’s, home-popped popcorn, and sold-by-the-gram chocolates from Purdy’s.


These babies come in dark or milk chocolate   – I honestly can’t choose which one is best – the dark chocolate has a nicer “cracking” texture, but the milk chocolate seems to blend with the dense carmelbetter.  Both have been sprinkled with just enough pink Himalayan salt (which is very de rigeurre right now) that you can distinctly taste the salt, but it doesn’t overpower the entire bonbon.

The inside of the chocolate (and my yellow polkadot socked foot)

The carmel, as mentioned before, is quite dense, but it is still chewy and you can totally taste the butter in it.  It is a big piece too, which means I get two bites out of each chocolate – pure heaven!

These do come in boxes, however, I did the math, and the boxes end up costing you $6.02 per 100 grams, whereas the same chocolates in the display case are $5.50 per 100 grams. It’s cheaper, and less plastic!  I also would count on the items in the display case being fresher than the ones that may have been boxed weeks ago (or longer)!

So there you have my snack recommendation for this week!  Enjoy!

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