We had a snow day at SFU the other week!  While the Burnaby Mountain may have been a tricky thing to traverse, I made my way to fair downtown to enjoy my surprise day off (hence why you won’t see a speck of snow in my picture below)!  I took transit all the way to the Waterfront station, then wandered around Gastown where I spotted Brioche.

Back entrance to Brioche

It took me a while of going through back hallways and opening doors with earnest guarantees of “Brioche down this hallway” – but I soon found the cozy dining room and order counter for the restaurant.

Cute dinning area

Breakfast was still being served when I arrived.  I was rather surprised by the variety of items offered, and that there was in fact a full kitchen (with a grill top) back behind the front counter (it seemed like the place was too small to offer things like NY Strip Loin Steak) – still, I chose a rather simple meal, or so I thought!

Ham, Brie & Mushroom Omelette ($9.95) - sorry for blurry pic!

This terrible picture does not do justice to the very pretty plate that I received just moments after sitting down with my large mug of coffee (and watching a very intriguing “eggplant battle” episode of Iron Chef America on mute).  The fruit salad especially caught my eye as this was no canned slop – the fresh cut fruit included some melons, kiwi, blueberries, some excellent blue grapes, and (very sadly) a few blackberries and a cherry which I was unable to eat (damn you allergies!).

Extreme closeup - omelette!

Here is a better picture of the Ham, Brie and Mushroom omelette – the first thing I noticed was the heavy scent of butter that was used in frying up these free ranged eggs.  I was thrilled also by how well melted the brie was.  The omelette must have been folded over 3 times, as the ham and mushrooms were a bit hidden amongst the layers – I would recommend that Brioche chefs cut up their fillings a bit, as the ham especially felt like it was clumped together.  The mushrooms were also quite big – being very generous crimini-style ones – so could have been halved before being added (I do like that these too seemed sauteed before adding into the omelette – more butter!).  I didn’t get asked which type of toast I wanted (the choices were apparently baguette, foccacia, or sourdough), but I was happy with the sourdough toast slice that I got on the side – it was drizzled with some very tasty olive oil which I thought was great.

I don’t have anything to say really about service as this was a cafe where I paid up front (though they do accept credit and debit along with cash – helpful!) and no one checked on me after the food was delivered.  I think breakfast and lunch would work well here, but I am not sure this is the best model for dinner service (perhaps they do at-the-table ordering then?).  Anyhow – very good breakfast – and thank goodness I had much walking planned for the rest of the morning! 🙂

Brioche on Urbanspoon

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