Honolulu Cafe

I really enjoy the Hong Kong style cafes – they’re not something that I’ve grown up with, but feel like they’re perfect; open late, tons of choices, comfort food, great prices. What’s not to love?

Honolulu Cafe on Kingsway is our current favourite – why would a Chinese cafe name itself after a city on the island of Oahu (and the home of President Obama)?  I have no idea!

On Kingsway near Joyce

It’s quite a large restaurant, there’s big tables for larger groups and booths for couples or small groups.  It ain’t particularly pretty inside, but it’s pretty clean.  They do store a lot of boxes and things in the dining room which isn’t nice, but you don’t taste decore 🙂

Depending on what time you go, you’ll be offered a few different menus – there’s a standard one that that has about 5 pages of items, but then there are additional menus that list specials for dinner, late dinner, or late night set meals.  We’ve tried a few things from all of their menus, here are some excerpts:

Yang Chow Fried Rice ($8.75)

A huge portion of Yang Chow Fried Rice demonstrates their good stir frying abilities.  With plenty of BBQ pork, shrimp, egg, and veggies, the rice isn’t broken at all despite the heavy stir frying.  It’s also a huge plate – plenty to share plus more for leftovers!

Pan Fried Seasonal Vegetables ($8.95)

If you’re trying to be healthy, getting a giant plate of veggies is a good idea.  Steamed, then stir fried, the baby bok choy served as the Pan Fried Seasonal Vegetables were served in a clear sauce.

Pork Chop with Spicy Salt ($10.95)

If you *don’t* want to be healthy, take some pork chops and deep fry them!  The Pork Chop with Spicy Salt is a guilty pleasure – super crispy and slightly spicy, served with just a bit of green & red pepper, it’s pretty much just a plateful of meat!  Nothing wrong with that!

Rice with Shrimp & Egg Sauce ($9.50)

Here’s a real comfort food dish – Rice with Shrimp & Egg Sauce is a huge dish filled with a very generous amount of shrimp.  The egg sauce is velvety, it’s so good and not something I can even figure out how its made!

Service is fast; they do seem to notice new customers right away, though getting tea refilled is sometimes a challenge.  Cash only (though there seem to be banks and ATMs surrounding this plaza), and if you want to try your luck, there is some parking outside in one of the worst-designed lots in town!

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One Response to Honolulu Cafe

  1. KimHo says:

    Honolulu is one of those it is what it is type places. Might not be fancy but gets the job done. And, depending on the time/menu, there are some interesting deals!

    About the parking lot, it ain’t necessarily bad, it is the drivers!!! And, how about Victoria and 41st, where London Drugs is located? 🙂

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