McDonald’s new Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich

Finding out that there’s a new breakfast item at a fast food restaurant is something that not many folks would get excited about.  I on the other hand, have been first to line up for things like the new breakfast sandwiches at Timmies, or tried the new “McCafe” selection at McDonalds, and even braved Starbucks’ horrible (and expensive) oatmeal just to see if there were any winners.

Official image - to compare!

I got a couple emails notifying me of the new Buttermilk Biscuit Breakfast Sandwiches – so, I don’t feel too bad about copying an image off the McD’s website 🙂  Here’s how the sandwich looks without the fancy photoshoot:

Surprisingly similar!

The sandwich look very close to the promo shot.  The first thing I noticed on my sausage version of the sandwich was that they chose to go with the folded omelette-like egg rather than the poached egg that is on their traditional breakfast sandwiches.  I am not as fond of the folded egg (and perhaps, why I have yet to try the McGriddle or the very hard-to-eat looking breakfast burritos), but I can understand why they went with the folded egg:  first, it is softer, and second it is probably easier to mass-produce.

Cross-sectional view

The softness of the egg is probably important because the biscuit is very flaky & tender – and I mean *very* – the top, crumbly, part of the biscuit was actually not totally structurally sound.  Pieces were falling off as I ate it (and I was sitting inside, in the “dining room” of the restaurant) – can you imagine the mess if I had eaten this while walking or in a car!?! 🙂  The biscuit was pretty okay for a biscuit, but, because it is a bigger piece of baking than the english muffin, I felt the overall sandwich was a bit dry too.

Nutrition guide

A final note about the sandwich – while the price was certainly right at about $2.59 (and it will be FREE on February 9 & 10 2011 during breakfast hours), I don’t think it is going to replace my favourite item at McD’s: the original Sausage McMuffin with Egg Sandwich.  While I don’t really care about such things, the extra 11 grams of fat, and the extra 150 calories in the biscuit version (likely all going to the biscuit and some to the folded egg) was also not any reason to switch.

So – kudos to McDonalds for trying something new, but I’m a traditionalist, and sticking with my original McMuffin.

Now, if they bring up the oatmeal to Canada… 🙂

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5 Responses to McDonald’s new Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich

  1. KimHo says:

    McD’s used to have the biscuit sandwich a couple of years ago but they seem to have discontinued it. Furthermore, this ain’t a “new” dish: I have had it eons ago back in Panama! 😀

    • Elaine says:

      I think it’s all regional – I definitely don’t recall seeing this in Alberta or Ontario previously (and I’m guilty of frequenting McD’s on a rather regular basis!)

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  4. Jorge says:

    Three people in the office had the new Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich. It was unanimous the sandwich should be retired (politically correct term). None of staff members are going to get another free sandwich tommorow.

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