Las Vegas: Golden Nugget Buffet

We just came back from a week in Vegas – the clear blue skies, warm weather and sunlight were fantastic.  We enjoyed relaxing and experiencing the craziness that is “Sin city” but most important of all for this blog, we enjoyed tons of food!

Golden Nugget buffet

We’ve been to the Golden Nugget Buffet several times before – our first trip in 2002 we were very late getting to the dinner buffet (which closes at 10:00 PM) – we still got to have some of their world-famous bread pudding though!  Since then, the buffet has moved upstairs to the 2nd floor above the chaos of the casino.  It’s a nice dinning area, with yellow & brown tones, and a nice view of their outdoor pool.  Being downtown on Fremont Street makes it more economical, at $10 for breakfast, $11 for lunch, and $18 for dinner.

1st plate "East meets South"

After being seated at a booth, we went to peruse the various stations.  It was early lunchtime, so there were a few breakfast items still available… I headed straight for some of the “Asian” items including chow mein, lemon chicken, stir-fried veggies, and even a spring roll.  I was very happy with the veggies, they were well cooked retaining some of their crispness.  I also got some BBQ beef and collard greens from their “Regional Favorites” section – the beef looked like it was flank, but it had been slow cooked very nicely that it was very tender.  The BBQ sauce was smokey, sweet, and really great.  The collard greens were perfect – cooked well, with some small pieces of bacon to add some smokey porkiness, they were served much “drier” (in a good way) than other places I’ve had greens.

2nd plate: "Salads"

The next visit was primarily to the salad bar – there were several mixed salads, including a tangy mixed bean salad, a Ceasar, some Asian noodle salad that was too heavy on the dressing, and some grape tomatoes & bocconcini.  Yes, that is macaroni & cheese, which was hot and not salad, but delicious.

3rd plate: "Turkey!"

Next plate was a big slice of roast turkey.  It was, unlike many buffet turkeys, very moist – likely thanks to brining.  I liked the turkey gravy that was served with it – it wasn’t overly salty.  The grilled squash, on the other hand, could have done with a bit more seasoning.  The little ball at 1 o’clock on the plate is a Hush Puppy, which is a corn fritter – it too was most yummy (though there was no sauce to go with it, so it was a little dry).  More mac & cheese rounds out this plate!

4th plate: "Bread Pudding!"

That was more than enough for brunch (unlike other buffet-goers, I’m not out there to get my money back in expensive items like shrimp, prime rib (which were both available), or crab unless I honestly feel like it… I will indulge, as you’ll see later, but it’s not worth giving up things I actually like just for the ROI!)  My desert was pretty simple – some fruit, and a small serving of their awesome bread pudding.  It is served warm, and just the right texture of breadiness & custardiness.  There are some raisins in there, but it’s not overwhelming.  You also get to pour on some amazing, warm, bourbon sauce, which is to die for.

Service was pretty good, we did experience a shift-change, which left us wondering who our server was for a bit, but we were still looked after with drink refills and plate clearings.  The buffet staff kept the trays filled and things looking tidy.

Definitely a good deal for breakfast or lunch – we’ll continue to make Golden Nugget a buffet we revisit each time we come to Vegas!

The Buffet (Golden Nugget) on Urbanspoon

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