Tim Horton’s “New & Improved” Croissants

So I do admit that unlike the old sandwich bread at Tim Horton’s – I did think there was something lacking in the croissants.  They tasted of butter-flavoured shortening and were ridiculously flakey as to cause a mess.  Enter a new advertising campaign (timed along with Roll Up the Rim time!) and potentially a “new & improved” croissant?

Aardvark-shaped croissant

First – it does look better than the old, squashed-down croissant.  Mine was a bit less crescent-shaped and more aardvark-shaped, but no matter, it was quite nice & “tall”  with a dark sheen to it.

Inside - fluffy

Looking inside, the croissant is definitely less flakey than the inside of the old croissant… It is almost more like a crescent roll in that it is quite bready.  The layers were discernable though, which is alright.  As for flavour…

Better, but not awesome

It definitely tasted better than the old croissant, a more natural butter/pastry flavour for sure, but it didn’t really taste like a bakery croissant.  Again, this reminded me a bit more of a crescent roll.  The only difference seemed to be the flakey crust layer.

Less mess!

Overall, it was less flakey (as evidenced by the smaller mess of crumbs on my desk).  I still think it could be improved (maybe using real butter through and through is the key).  It’s definitely better, but not amazing.  I am surprised because the danish pastry is quite good at Timmies…  An improvement is a good thing I guess!



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2 Responses to Tim Horton’s “New & Improved” Croissants

  1. KimHo says:

    Hahahaha! That picture of your reaction is priceless! 😀

  2. Rob says:

    I agree completely. I like the croissants but they do not blow me away.

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