Au Petit Chavignol

On a recent sunny weekend morning, I decided to treat Chris to a fancy brunch at what I overheard someone on the #20 bus call “the city’s best cheese & wine bar.”

On Hastings near Heatley

Its unassuming storefront is a bit hard to spot unless you know what you’re looking for – paired with Les Amis Du Fromage, Au Petit Chavignol is modern, luxurious, but still fun and quirky inside.  I especially enjoyed the chandelier-print feature wall and the fire-engine red vertical meat slicer placed proudly next to the bar.

We were seated right by the window (lovely sun!) and were given menus.  Our waitress was fantastic at first to tell us about specials and get us drinks.  My order of a big dry cappuccino was a welcome jolt of caffeine, made all the more special with a little vanilla meringue on the side.

Double Cappuccino ($3.50)

First up were some brunch appetizers (so decadent!) we got an Arugula & Pecorino Salad, and the Duck Liver Parfait with toasted brioche.

Arugula Pecorino Salad ($8)

The salad was very lightly dressed, so much (little?) so that it seemed like just lettuces and shaved cheese on it 😦

Duck Liver Parfait ($10)

Duck Liver Parfait ($10)

In contrast, the “parfait” which was really a very airy pate with a gelee of muscat wine.  Super flavourful, it paired perfectly with the toasts.  I loved this a ton!

Next up were our main courses; Chris order the Corned Beef Hash which featured homemade corned beef.

Corned Beef Hash ($10)

Big pieces of corned beef along with potatoes were topped with two perfectly poached eggs; this was an elevated version of the diner classic.

Crocque Madame ($12.50)

I was really looking forward to ordering the Crocque Madame – a heavenly combination of a grilled ham and cheese sandwich, topped with more cheese and an egg.  Chris wisely suggested that I cut the sandwich down where the yolk was, so that the protein-y goodness would sort of baste the layers.


And speaking of layers, the thinly sliced ham was stacked high on more of that great brioche, and tons of gruyere throughout made it super cheesy and amazing.  Just looking at this picture makes me want another!

I have to say I was a bit disappointed that our originally great waitress seemed to have forgotten us at the end of the meal (perhaps the view to our table was blocked by the new group who sat at the bar), however that won’t stop us from coming back again!

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4 Responses to Au Petit Chavignol

  1. KimHo says:

    Welcome back? At least you decided to post again. As for me… 😉

  2. Elaine says:

    🙂 Thanks Kim! I still need to post about our lunch at Mastrianni back in February!
    Are you planning one last awesome meal in Vancouver?

  3. munchkie says:

    Nice review, Elaine. I really like this place, myself. And I can tell from your pictures that you sat at the sunny window seat too. They should really invest in some blinds.
    That Croque Madame looks heavenly, definitely makes me want to gobble at least 10 of them.
    I find the service here kind of shoddy, I was quite invisible to my waitress. However, I was so invisible that she forgot to charge me for two items on my bill, which was a major bonus!

  4. Joe C says:

    Salad problem addressed. Come back and try it again. We’ve also added the first of the season SoleFood Farm french breakfast radished to it

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