Big 6

The first time we tried to find Big 6, we ended up in New Westminister!  Tucked away in the corner where Edmonds street suddenly ends, this old school Chinese-run western diner.

On 6th Street south of Edmonds

Inside its definitely a little worn down, but I don’t mind!  The loud, yelling waitress (in Cantonese) is a bit jarring, but meh, that’s not the end of the world.

We’ve only been around breakfast time, but they do have a full lunch and early dinner menu (they close at 7 PM daily).

Eggs Benedict ($5.95!)

I chose Eggs Benedict on a recent visit – a crazy low price for a big plateful of food.  The hashbrowns that come with most of their breakfast items have a lot of griddle-borne crispy edges, pretty great.  As for the eggs benedict, I was a bit sad to see the mould-shapped poached eggs, but…

Perfectly poached!

… when the result is such a perfectly medium poached egg, I can’t complain.

Steak & Eggs ($6.99!)

Another great value is the Steak & Eggs – a little 5 oz sirloin is cooked, again, perfectly to order (you can actually see the steak juice on the plate – yum!)

So far, everything we’ve had has been solid, honest, and really well priced.  Oh, and, unlike other tiny diners we enjoy, this one does take debit and credit card.

Big Six Family Restaurant on Urbanspoon

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