Las Vegas – Carnegie Deli @ The Mirage

On our recent trip to Las Vegas I asked friends on Facebook what their food recommendations were for places on the Strip; Jessica from Yum-O-Rama strongly recommended the Carnegie Deli a Las Vegas version of the New York institution.

Carnegie Deli in the Mirage

Located in The Mirage (and surprisingly not New York New York) the deli is opened nice and late with a full menu available.  We were seated right away, and presented with a free dish of pickles to start!

Free pickles! Cloudy brine & regular kosher dill

These were quite yummy, and a great way to get our meal started.  We decided to get a bunch of things to split – a good move for anyone I think given the epic proportions this deli is known for.

Matzo Ball Soup ($7.99) (half shown here)

Our first shared dish was the Matzo Ball Soup – an incredibly rich chicken broth with huge, fluffy, matzo balls nearly floating in the bowl – amazing.  We shared this order – so, consider that there were two matzo balls in the normal dish!  Look at that spoon for scale!

Latkes ($12.99)

Next up, we got some Latkes.  Fried golden brown, these were quite well prepared, and it was nice that they were served with both sour cream and with apple sauce.  However, they were a bit plain and I felt that the $13 price was a bit much for this particular dish.

Corned Beef Sandwich ($15.99) (half shown here)

For our final dish – our piece de resistance – we ordered one of the Carnegie’s famous sandwiches.  Pilled high, this was a very very generous Corned Beef Sandwich!

Me vs. the Sandwich!

Here is a crazy picture for scale! 🙂

What I ended up doing with my half was to divide up the sandwich into a more manageable-sized version and a side plate full of meat too!   The corned beef was really good – it had that great elastic texture and was cut just a little thick so it was toothsome.  I also appreciated that while warm and hefty, it wasn’t greasy.

A more sane-wich! 🙂

I got to give a shout-out to the amazing mustard served at the Carnegie – it was a perfect.  A slightly grainy, brown mustard, not too vinegary – I wish they sold it in bottles!

Service was pretty good – our waiter was a little “attitude-y” in the right way to add to the ambiance of the restaurant, but in no way that would be construed as rude, and definitely attentive.

Carnegie Deli (Mirage) on Urbanspoon

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