Lucy’s Eastside Diner

Another weekend, another brunch!  We headed to Lucy’s Eastside Diner for a few brunches of late, and have been very happy with what they’ve had the offer – good comfort food in (or in spite of?) a hipster setting 🙂

On Main near Broadway

The restaurant is located just sought of Broadway on Main – we’ve lucked out with parking a few times on nearby streets.

Very funky decore

While it is a bit small inside, there’s usually quick turnover.  There’s cute touches all around to look at – from the old school back-lit menu board, to a series of retro fans.  Enough about the decore – on to the food!

Three Little Pigs ($10)

First up, they have pretty great eggs benedict – and instead of having to choose from the ham, bacon or chorizo versions, you can have ’em all in the Three Little Pigs!  Served with chunky hashbrowns, this is a big meal.  The only problem I’d say is with the small slices of chorizo, which don’t really sit as nicely on the benny.

Down South Breaky ($8.50)

On my first visit, I ordered the Down South Breaky thinking it would be a nice scramble/skillet, featuring rice (!), but was surprised but still very happy with the plate – the baked beans weren’t too sweet or smokey, and everything worked well together.  “Southern” I’m not so sure about, but tasty indeed.

Uncle Ev's Chorizo Hash ($8.50)

On another visit we got Uncle Ed’s Chorizo Hash which featured the same crispy chunky hashrbowns, and pieces of chorizo.  While the individual components were good, there wasn’t a real “hash” aspect to this dish.  The poached eggs, which have been featured in the above dishes, are totally perfect – poached freestyle, there’s clearly someone who knows what they are doing in the kitchen!

Breakfast Burrito ($8.50)

My last breakfast item is the Breakfast Burrito – piled densely with scrambled eggs, some black beans, cheese, and some rice, the whole thing gets grilled, which is a very nice touch.  The only thing I would love to add to this dish would have been a side of salsa – it would provide a bit of moisture to the burrito.

Service is always fast and attentive, and your retro cup is quickly refilled with coffee.  While we haven’t had lunch or dinner (or any midnight-snacking given that they’re open 24-hours a day!) there’s an awesome special of a burger, fries and milkshake or beer for $10 – awesome!  Definitely coming back to try that!

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One Response to Lucy’s Eastside Diner

  1. munchkie says:

    I’ve always wanted to try this place! Those eggs look fluffy and delicious… Glad to hear that the service is up to par too!

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