Jane’s Restaurant

Oy!  I’ve been ignoring this blog for too long!  Gardening, lots of work, garage sales, and random busyness has drawn my attention elsewhere, meanwhile my desktop and phone are full of pictures of food I need to post!  Sorry for the radio silence folks!

Several, several, weeks ago now, we had brunch at Jane’s Restaurant on Hastings.  Chris in particular had passed this place on a few occasions and had thought it would be a good place to try, meanwhile I’ve bussed passed it nearly daily and barely noticed it.

On Hastings near Willingdon

No wonder I barely noticed it – Jane’s is an old school Chinese-run “western food” diner which looked, on the inside more so than on the outside, like it has not changed since the late 70’s or early 80’s when it probably first opened!  No matter, some of our favourite places, like Victoria Restaurant, aren’t particularly pretty!

Coffee - old school!

We were seen to right away and were served tiny old school cups of coffee.  The glasses of water we also got were served in plastic tumblers that were seriously dishwasher worn!

Older school!

Here’s what the inside of the restaurant looks like – bright red pleather banquets, heavy chairs, and wood panelling.  Yup – pretty grungy!  I did notice thought that things were clean (e.g. the ketchup bottle wasn’t all goopy, and the tables were cleared right away) so don’t think this place is gross, just retro!

Corned Beef Hash with Poached Eggs

For our brunches that day, we too chose an “old school” meal – both of us had the same thing (sorry!) of Corned Beef Hash with Poached Eggs.  I have to say, the corned beef has was delicious – not skimpy on the corned beef, and with nice cubes of potato that were homemade (not out of the McCain bag).  The eggs were free-formed poached for sure, and were done perfectly.  All this, for under $6 too!

I can see why Jane’s has a good reputation – super cheap food that is well made.  No frills, but that’s fine!

Cash only!
Jane's on Urbanspoon

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