Paris Casino – Mon Ami Gabi

Flashback to February!

In complete contrast to the horrendous meal we had at Le Village buffet, the Paris Casino does offer some very nice dining at Mon Ami Gabi the bistro/cafe terrace that wraps around the strip-side of the building.

Casino entrance to restaurant

On this most recent trip to Las Vegas we had a bit more spending money and a bit less on our “to do” list.  As a result, when the sun began to really shine, I decided to treat Chris to a mid-afternoon snack outside at this rather posh but accessible attraction on the strip.

Me! Enjoying the sun and some champagne!

We got some prime seats facing the street, and enjoyed not only the people watching, but also the Bellagio fountains which are just mesmerizingly beautiful.  I have been on a rose kick of late, but when in Vegas, you’ve got to kick it up a notch!  Here I am enjoying a glass of Marquis de la Tour Rose (reasonably priced at $8.50).  Chris, who is just as happy and relaxed in his picture, enjoyed a Frangria, the restaurant’s signature cocktail, which is a fruity rose sangria ($4.95).

Chris with a delicious Frangria cocktail

One can, but should not, just drink on a cafe terrace, so we ordered some snacks too:  French snacks!



The most shareable item on their starter menu was the Moules Frites ($21.95) which, along with every single item on their menu, was impeccably French.  The mussels (all of which were nice and clean, with only one closed one in the batch) were served in a white wine, tarragon and butter broth which was delicious and light.  The fries/frites were insanely crispy and well seasoned – totally addictive.  We also got not one, but also a refill of baguette with whipped butter to go with the moules – a great way to sop up the last of the broth and stretch out your meal.

And I’m just partially joking about stretching out your visit there – we were not at all rushed by the servers – ours (Carlissa) was particularly good.  She was able to recite the list of specials easily and seemed quite knowledgable about both the food and the wine list.  I was very pleasantly surprised when we were welcome to stay after finishing our snack (so much of Vegas is about making more profit, and with our table being in such a prime spot, I would not have been shocked if hints would have been dropped that it was time to leave).

Our afternoon snack at Mon Ami Gabi was really one of my favourite things about this most recent trip to Vegas – the great service, the good food, and the great sunny view.  We will definitely plan to return on our next visit!

Mon Ami Gabi (Paris) on Urbanspoon

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