Flamingo Casino – Paradise Garden Buffet

Flashback to February!

Remember that  “Buffet of Buffets” pass?  We made good use of it for sure (again)!  For our breakfast during the 24-hours it was good we went to the Paradise Garden Buffet at the Flamingo Casino.  It is one of the oldest casinos left on The Strip, but it has managed to keep drawing crowds, both to it shows (I saw Donny Osmond on our way in!) and to the buffet too.

View of the bird sanctuary/gardens from our table

Unlike other places where the buffet is tucked away in the depths of the casino building, the Paradise Garden one is a rare gem as it not only is bright and sunny, but you get a great view of the bird sanctuary/garden area that is in a courtyard-like outdoor area of the casino.  We were seated right by the windows and enjoyed the calm fish and birds swimming or floating past us during breakfast.

Plate #1

My first plate was a bit of a tour of the various stations available – from the hot items there was a waffle (good, not stale), a cheese blintz/stuffed crepe (which had a lot of lemon zest, but was sweet – not my thing!), an “egg benedict” (which was just bad as it was more of a mini fritatta over a hard english muffin and dry piece of ham), and some corned beef has (the pink stuff in the centre; less hash, more corned beef, but good).  I enjoyed the fresh fruit and the abundance of cherry tomatoes that were far out of reach in Vancouver during February!

Plate #2 - fresh-made, fresh-carved!

My next visit to the buffet was to try out some of the more labour-intensive items 🙂  The omelette station was well stocked with lots of veggies, proteins (though always only one kind of cheese – why?).  The carved ham was great too – salty and juicy, though finding hot mustard was impossible!   Roasted potatoes and more cherry tomatoes rounded this plate out.

Plate #3 - desert crepe!

Given the gloppy filling choices, on my last visit to the buffet, I chose to have my fresh-made crepe be served plain, though I did ask for a bit of icing sugar and cinnamon to be dusted on top.  Oh, and in a stroke of genius, if I may say so, I got some of the melted butter from the pancake & waffle station to drizzle over the crepe!  While I was very happy with my “plain” desert, I overheard some French Canadian men complain about the meagre fillings they got in their stuffed crepes – in my expert joual French, I hinted they could get more of these fillings at the sundae bar – needless to say they were a bit surprised to hear me relate in their native tongue!

I didn’t find the service at the Pardise Garden Buffet to be either good or bad – I suppose “passable” is what I’d rank it.  Drinks did get refilled and plates did get cleared, but always when we were away from the table so we couldn’t ask our server for things (like hot mustard darn it!).  Nonetheless, the oasis-like atmosphere and the decent food is definitely a reason to return.

Paradise Garden Cafe (Flamingo) on Urbanspoon

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