Choppers Diner

A while ago, we went to Choppers on Nanaimo on a whim – the exterior tattoo-parlour like awning had always peaked my curiosity.

Choppers on Nanaimo just south of Broadway

The insides matched the funky outside with motorcycle memorabilia throughout, and walls either painted black or flocked with red wallpaper.

We were seated quickly, but didn’t get menus or coffees for some time.  It was a long-weekend Sunday, so the place was really busy and the one waitress we saw was clearly overworked, but at least when you have coffee, you feel like you can wait with something to sip on.

Pastrami Hash (Special) ($11)

True to form, Chris saw that there was a hash special so ordered it.  The Pastrami Hash include house-made pastrami, on their regular potato/sweet potato hash, two (cheater-style) poached free-ranged eggs and toast (lots of toast choices; here Chris chose sourdough).  The pastrami hash was really good, with lots of big strips of pastrami, and the hash itself, which we all had too, was excellent.

Chopper's Breakfast Special ($7.50)

My brother, who was visiting us, ordered the Chopper’s Breakfast Special, which he got with bacon & scrambled eggs.  The hash is different here – you can see that not only are there regular and sweet potatoes, David also get green and red peppers, mushrooms, and onions.  Pretty awesome, but I think this was an error…  Nonetheless, the bacon was super crispy – and there were 4 pieces of it!  A great deal for such a low price.

Hunger Benny ($11)

For my breakfast, I ordered the Hunter Benny which I was drawn to because of the “bacon and zesty lima beans” that were placed between the poached egg and english muffin.  I was disappointed to see that the lima beans looked much more like navy beans.  In any case, the benedict was pretty good, with a very lemon-heavy hollandaise, and eggs poached properly.

I think some things got a bit confused with our orders – like the breakfast special coming with fancy hash (e.g. the veggie breakfast’s “special hash”) and the beans in my benny didn’t seem to be as described, but overall, everything still tasted really good and was reasonably priced.  I think, if we were to revisit, the kitchen & waitress wouldn’t be slammed and hopefully we’d have an even better overall experience.

Choppers Diner on Urbanspoon

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