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Po King

Po King…  More like Po Bastard to anyone foolish enough to come here.  Elaine and I decided to give Po King a try along with Kim from I’m Only Here For the Food. Don’t judge Kim based on his suggestion … Continue reading

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Sausage Party!

That’s right, kids, we’re makin’ sausages this week – and not in some creepy “this man offered me a nickel if I’d help him make sausages” way – we’re talkin’ real damn sausages!  German Chancellor Otto Von Bismark once said … Continue reading

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Can-tastic Voyage!

So, with all of the lovely fruit that is in season, Elaine and I have discovered canning.  Sure, we’d made lots of jam/jelly in the past, but this would be our first time canning other things (for the most part…)  … Continue reading

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Fruit-Freezing Spectacular!

Elaine and I are lucky enough to have a pair of fruit trees in our back yard: a peach tree and a plum tree.  Here’s a picture of the peach tree. At any rate, it’s that time of year when … Continue reading

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Super simple chicken awesomeness!

With Elaine away, I thought that I would make some recipe-less chicken for dinner.  I was so happy with it that I’ve now written down my recipe, so here it is: 2 bone-in, skin-on chicken breasts 1 medium-large sweet onion … Continue reading

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