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Choppers Diner

A while ago, we went to Choppers on Nanaimo on a whim – the exterior tattoo-parlour like awning had always peaked my curiosity. The insides matched the funky outside with motorcycle memorabilia throughout, and walls either painted black or flocked … Continue reading

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Jane’s Restaurant

Oy!  I’ve been ignoring this blog for too long!  Gardening, lots of work, garage sales, and random busyness has drawn my attention elsewhere, meanwhile my desktop and phone are full of pictures of food I need to post!  Sorry for … Continue reading

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Lucy’s Eastside Diner

Another weekend, another brunch!  We headed to Lucy’s Eastside Diner for a few brunches of late, and have been very happy with what they’ve had the offer – good comfort food in (or in spite of?) a hipster setting 🙂 … Continue reading

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Big 6

The first time we tried to find Big 6, we ended up in New Westminister!  Tucked away in the corner where Edmonds street suddenly ends, this old school Chinese-run western diner. Inside its definitely a little worn down, but I … Continue reading

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Au Petit Chavignol

On a recent sunny weekend morning, I decided to treat Chris to a fancy brunch at what I overheard someone on the #20 bus call “the city’s best cheese & wine bar.” Its unassuming storefront is a bit hard to … Continue reading

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Tim Horton’s “New & Improved” Croissants

So I do admit that unlike the old sandwich bread at Tim Horton’s – I did think there was something lacking in the croissants.  They tasted of butter-flavoured shortening and were ridiculously flakey as to cause a mess.  Enter a … Continue reading

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McDonald’s new Biscuit Breakfast Sandwich

Finding out that there’s a new breakfast item at a fast food restaurant is something that not many folks would get excited about.  I on the other hand, have been first to line up for things like the new breakfast … Continue reading

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