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Toronto eats: Jamaican Beef Patties

Toronto, land of street meat, chip wagons and other goodly things. Today I got to enjoy one of TO’s well known treats: Jamaican Beef Patties! You can get these at convenience stores, small take out roti restaurants, and even gas … Continue reading

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The Reef (Commercial Drive)

It’s been a busy and hard week, so when Chris asked me if I wanted to get dinner out; I had no more energy to cook, so I gladly said “yes”.  We headed over to Commercial Drive, not really sure … Continue reading

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The Lions Den Cafe

On a beautiful and sunny Sunday, I got to join up with Jessica & Mark, Sherman, Kim, and Karl (who I was please to meet for the first time!) at The Lions Den Cafe.  Located in the triangular intersection between Fraser, … Continue reading

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