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Toronto eats: Flatiron & Firkin

The Firkin chain (including the “fox & firkin” the “fiddle & firkin”, etc.)  has enjoyed much success in the GTA, with one of the most notable pub locations being steps away from the St. Lawrence Market in the historic Flatiron … Continue reading

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Toronto eats: Chinatown – King’s Noodle House

After a few days of turkey and heavy “British style” food, Chris and I made a break for Chinatown where we could get noodles for a bit of a change. One of the really neat things about many of these … Continue reading

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Toronto eats: St. Lawrence Market

Another amazing foodie stop in Toronto is the St. Lawrence Market.  Located at Jarvis and Front Street to the east of Younge, this large old brick building used to be part of Toronto’s City Hall (and jail – for those, … Continue reading

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Toronto eats: Kensington Market – Pancho’s Bakery

A great neighbourhood in downtown Toronto is Kensington Market.  It has traditionally been an area where new immigrants have put down roots, so it’s gone through many different phases, from Jamaican to Vietnamese, and now it seemed to have a … Continue reading

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Toronto eats: Jamaican Beef Patties

Toronto, land of street meat, chip wagons and other goodly things. Today I got to enjoy one of TO’s well known treats: Jamaican Beef Patties! You can get these at convenience stores, small take out roti restaurants, and even gas … Continue reading

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